Bitcoin’s price reaches US$ 24 thousand and breaks new market record

Cryptomoeda rose more than 5% this Saturday after breaking the record price of $ 24,000.

Bitcoin (BTC) price broke the US$ 24 thousand mark for the first time in the market on Saturday afternoon (19), or yet, around US$ 122.900 according to CoinMarketCap data.

Since last Wednesday (16) BTC is breaking consecutive records in the market, just after surpassing the value of US$ 20 thousand. Until then, this was the historical price record of cryptomeda.

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With a trading volume of almost US$ 38 billion in the last 24 hours, Bitcoin broke another new record, accumulating only today more than 5% increase in price.

Bitcoin’s price breaks a record

In less then 24 hours on the market, Bitcoin price jumped from US$ 22.656,46, or yet, US$ 115.607, to be quoted in US$ 24.085,86 (US$ 122.900), a variation on the price superior to US$ 7 thousand.

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With this growth, cryptomoeda has hit a record price and is about to be quoted at $ 125,000. However, besides a new record, this figure may represent for BTC a moment of sale, according to a Bitcoin Market Analyst forecast.

BTC Price this Saturday (19) (Reproduction/CoinMarketCap)
BTC breaks US$ 20 thousand

Three days ago the price of Bitcoin broke an important record that had been eagerly awaited by the cryptomorph market since the end of 2017. At that time, BTC was very close to US$ 20 thousand and never got so close to this value.

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However, on December 16th Bitcoin not only broke the $20,000 mark, but continued to climb to $23,000, breaking several consecutive records. With the appreciation of more than 5% this Saturday (19), the record now is $ 24,085.86, or almost $ 124 thousand in Brazil.

Cryptomoeda rose 245% in 2020

Bitcoin’s price performance shows that cryptomoeda was considered the investment with the best market return in 2020, as reported by Cointelegraph. With less than two weeks to go, BTC has already accumulated over 245% appreciation in the last twelve months.

That is, with almost 30% appreciation in the week, BTC has seen a 109% increase in value in the last three months, making cryptomoeda more than double its value between October and November 2020.