Le directeur financier de Square : „Il est absolument nécessaire que chaque bilan contienne des bitcoins“

Récemment, Amrita Ahuja, directrice financière du fournisseur de solutions de paiement Square Inc. (NYSE : SQ), directrice financière, a évoqué les projets de son entreprise concernant le bitcoin.

Le bitcoin et les crypto-monnaies élargissent l’accès

Au cours d’une interview avec Fortune, qui a été publiée lundi 29 mars, Ahuja, qui a rejoint Square en janvier 2019 en provenance de Blizzard Entertainment, elle a déclaré:

„Il y a absolument des arguments pour que chaque bilan contienne du bitcoin“.

Elle a également déclaré à Fortune:

„Nous considérons que le Bitcoin Revolution et les crypto-monnaies élargissent l’accès aux services financiers, surtout quand on pense plus globalement.“

Le 23 février 2021, la firme FinTech a annoncé les résultats du quatrième trimestre et de l’année 2020. Dans son communiqué de presse, Square a déclaré avoir acheté pour 170 millions de dollars supplémentaires de bitcoins:

„Square… a acheté environ 3 318 bitcoins pour un prix d’achat global de 170 millions de dollars. Combiné à l’achat précédent de 50 millions de dollars de bitcoins par Square, cela représente environ cinq pour cent du total de la trésorerie, des équivalents de trésorerie et des titres négociables de Square au 31 décembre 2020.

 Le bitcoin „a le potentiel d’être la monnaie native d’Internet“

„Aligné avec l’objectif de l’entreprise, Square estime que les crypto-monnaies sont un instrument d’autonomisation économique, offrant un moyen pour les individus de participer à un système monétaire mondial et de sécuriser leur propre avenir financier. L’investissement fait partie de l’engagement continu de Square envers le bitcoin, et la société prévoit d’évaluer son investissement global en bitcoin par rapport à ses autres investissements sur une base continue.“

Le directeur financier de Square avait alors déclaré à CNBC que le bitcoin „a le potentiel d’être la monnaie native d’Internet“ et que le bitcoin devient une part croissante de leur activité.

Ahuja a déclaré à Fortune que Square avait l’intention de détenir des bitcoins „sur le long terme“.

Bitcoin bears trapped? Bitcoin pushes higher

Bitcoin bears trapped? Bitcoin pushes higher – new all-time high possible this weekend

Bitcoin price has now spent a total of nine days in a short-term uptrend, completing a bounce back to the 2021 highs. The sequence of mostly green candles has now triggered and perfected a TD 9 sell setup on the daily time frame.

However, the signal has repeatedly failed to deliver on the high time frame since the more dominant uptrend began. Is it different this time?

Or is this another Bitcoin Evolution bear trap embedded in a bull flag that could drive bitcoin to more than $75,000 per coin? What does the technical analysis say?

TD 9 Sell setup perfected: Bear trap or bulls on guard?

Bitcoin is back near $40,000 and the highs it traded at earlier this year, but the bulls still have hurdles to overcome before they can climb to new highs. Sellers have entered the scene for the first time since Black Thursday, causing a pit stop to consolidate.

However, even at these prices, there are massive numbers of investors buying bitcoin.

This has allowed the leading cryptocurrency by market cap to make a run for the top of the trading range, but so far it is being held back by resistance around $38,000. As BTC struggles with resistance, a TD 9 sell setup has not only triggered, but the signal is now perfected.

The TD Sequential indicator, developed by Thomas Demark, is used to time market tops and bottoms. It has worked like a charm in spotting trend reversals in cryptocurrencies for years. Traders who have relied on the tool since then could take a short position based on the perfected setup.

Bitcoin bulls target $75,000 as channel breaks out

The theory behind the tool is that the trend should be approaching a point of exhaustion after a sequence of price rises and is near a point where a trend reversal is likely.

The problem for those bearish on bitcoin or taking short positions based on the indicator is that it has failed repeatedly since the $10,000 breakout, and the only setup that has been „perfected“ is a bear trap.
Repeated TD sell signals have failed, is this time really different? | Source: BTCUSDT on TradingView.com

The TD 9 sell setup appears at the top of a bull flag structure. If it is valid and the pattern is confirmed with an upside breakout, the potential target could push the price per BTC up to $75,000 within weeks.

If the sell setup is valid instead, a fall to the bottom of the bull flag channel and a return to the lows of the range is possible.

Almost all of the altcoins that celebrated ATHs three years ago are now only worth a tenth of that

For some altcoin hodlers, the long-term investment turns out to be a stress test. Quite a few who got involved at the height of the crypto boom ultimately backed the wrong horse.

Depending on the stock exchange aggregator used, there are now around 6,000 to 8,000 digital currencies in the crypto sector. It goes without saying that not all of them write a success story like Bitcoin Pro. After the gold rush mood in 2017, quite a few altcoins have disappeared into insignificance. While the Hodln has paid off for Bitcoins, the performance of some formerly more or less ambitious Altcoins demands a thick nerve from long-term investors.

Altcoins in free fall

Matt Masto, an analyst at CMT Digital, has listed and evaluated the largest altcoin rivets based on the data collected by the analysis portal Messari. The sobering balance sheet: Of the 410 listed altcoins, 83 percent of all coins that celebrated all-time highs in 2018 are only worth a tenth of that today.

In the case of altcoins, which reached record highs in 2017 or 2019, the balance is slightly better. With 82 or 72 percent discount, however, we cannot speak of a successful career for them either.

According to Casto, investors who got on board during the peak of the crypto boom in 2017 simply squandered their capital:

Holding assets that peaked 3 years ago turns out to be a massive lost opportunity cost of deploying capital. There’s a reason 83 percent of assets that hit a high in January 2018 are trading 90 percent below their ATHs.

Casto remains silent about the reason. But the fact is: The flop selection includes such dazzling coins as Pluton (PLU), Presearch (PRE), Neblio (NEBL) or Buzzcoin (BUZZ). Never heard? Just.

A large number of Altcoins were, so to speak, free riders. After the ride on the wave of success, they went down without a sound in the first storm. The respective reasons for the descent may differ in detail from coin to coin. But what they all have in common is that the projects behind them couldn’t keep their use case promises.

Capital shift: DeFi as a profiteer

Nevertheless, a lot of capital has accumulated over the years in these seemingly dead crypto projects, also known as ghost chains. Money that could be reallocated within the crypto ecosystem and increasingly flow into DeFi applications.

Last year, the Twitter user and EthHub co-founder “eric.eth” put the value of the ghost chains at around 50 billion US dollars and predicted a shift towards decentralized finances .

Billing with the ghost chains will come. There is well over $ 50 billion in market value for chains that no one is using. They will all be pushed out of DeFi apps with actual usage by the end of this market cycle.

In fact, the DeFi market has seen a huge inflow of capital since the middle of last year. According to Defipulse , the Total Value Locked (TVL) of all tokens integrated in DeFi applications currently amounts to more than 22 billion US dollars. While many Altcoins are treading on the spot, DeFi-Coins are taking over ever increasing market shares. If you put the 50 billion US dollars rumored by “eric.eth” in relation to the current TVL, there also seems to be some room for improvement.

Why the DeFi market is considered undervalued and what growth potential decentralized finances still have can be read at this point .

Inzicht in de Bitcoin-achtbaan

Matt McCall verslaat Louis Navellier met een weddenschap van $ 5K … de piek van bitcoin en vervolgens terugtrekken … wat te verwachten van hier

*** Aanstaande maandag zijn we gesloten

Voordat we beginnen, een korte opmerking …

Onze InvestorPlace-kantoren en klantenservice zijn aanstaande maandag 18 januari gesloten ter ere van Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Als je hulp nodig hebt, helpen we je graag als we dinsdag weer open gaan.

*** En zomaar, Louis Navellier is $ 5.000 armer

Precies een week geleden verloor de legendarische belegger zijn vriendelijke weddenschap met Matt McCall over wat als eerste het 40.000-niveau zou bereiken – de Dow Jones of bitcoin.

Louis nam de Dow, Matt nam bitcoin.

Oorspronkelijk was het niets meer dan een vriendelijk meningsverschil tijdens de zomer op kantoor. Dat was totdat onze CEO, Brian Hunt, er lucht van kreeg …

Na hun respectievelijke zaken te hebben gehoord, voelde Brian dat het verschil van mening interessant en leuk zou zijn voor onze InvestorPlace-lezers, dus vroeg hij Louis en Matt om live over hun standpunten te debatteren, wat we in augustus deden tijdens het evenement, „The Race to 40K. “

Dit is hoe de twee hebben gepresteerd sinds …

*** Interessant is dat bijna zodra bitcoin $ 40.000 bereikte, het omgekeerd werd en 25% terugkreeg
Gegeven dit, als ik Louis was, zou ik een asterisk kunnen plaatsen bij Matts ‚overwinning‘. Maar daar komen we zo op terug …

Ten eerste, hier is Matt over zijn overwinning:

… ook al heb ik de weddenschap „gewonnen“, iedereen die investeert in goede aandelen en / of bitcoin zou moeten winnen …

Ik ben dit jaar en dit decennium zeer optimistisch over aandelen. En ik ben uitzonderlijk optimistisch over bitcoin, altcoins (andere cryptocurrencies dan bitcoin) en de blockchain-technologie waarop ze zijn gebouwd.

Sterker nog, ik zie dat bitcoin hier ergens in 2021 zelfs $ 100.000 raakt. Dat zou nog eens 155% zijn van de huidige prijzen.

Als dat gek klinkt, bedenk dan dat het slechts drie weken duurde voordat het verdubbelde van $ 20.000 naar $ 40.000.

Laten we nu even pauzeren en kijken wat er met bitcoin is gebeurd nadat Matt zijn update publiceerde …

Zoals Matt zojuist opmerkte, duurde het slechts drie weken voordat bitcoin verdubbelde. Maar zoals oude investeerders zullen beamen, kan wat snel stijgt, nog sneller dalen. En dat is zeker gebeurd met bitcoin.

Hieronder kun je zien dat bitcoin $ 41.500 doorbreekt, om vervolgens in slechts drie dagen 25% terug te geven, terwijl het daalde tot $ 31.500.

Esta empresa que cotiza en bolsa acaba de comprar $ 2 millones en Bitcoin para su tesorería

Como ha sido cubierto ampliamente por este medio, los últimos meses han visto a prominentes inversionistas institucionales asignar capital a las criptomonedas para cubrir sus carteras contra la actual inflación macroeconómica que está teniendo lugar. Además, muchos creen que Bitcoin jugará un papel cada vez más importante en las finanzas.

Por ejemplo, Paul Tudor Jones escribió en una carta a los inversores a principios de este año que cree que Bitcoin será el „caballo más rápido en la carrera“ debido a la gran inflación monetaria:

„Estamos siendo testigos de la Gran Inflación Monetaria, una expansión sin precedentes de todas las formas de dinero, diferente a todo lo que el mundo desarrollado haya visto“.

Otros inversores de Wall Street han compartido opiniones similares

Estas declaraciones han hecho que las corporaciones busquen cubrir sus carteras de inversión y tesorerías utilizando Bitcoin.

Esto comenzó a principios de este año con MicroStrategy, que compró BTC en agosto con 250 millones de dólares de dinero de la empresa porque vio la criptomoneda líder como una cobertura contra las tendencias inflacionarias. La compañía continuó duplicando BTC en los meses posteriores a eso y ahora ha aumentado más del 100 por ciento en su compra original.

Este movimiento ha empujado a otras empresas públicas a invertir en Bitcoin con dinero de la empresa para protegerse contra la devaluación del dólar estadounidense.

Otras empresas siguen el audaz movimiento de Bitcoin de MicroStrategy

Según la cuenta de Twitter „Deltaone“, que vuelve a publicar interesantes titulares de Bloomberg en su cuenta de Twitter, NexTech comprará $ 2 millones en BTC con dinero del tesoro.

NexTech es una empresa que cotiza en la bolsa de Canadá y tiene su sede en Vancouver. Es un „proveedor líder de tecnologías y servicios de experiencia de realidad virtual y aumentada (AR) para comercio electrónico, educación, conferencias y eventos“.

Sobre la inversión, el director ejecutivo de la empresa escribió :

“Nuestra inversión en Bitcoin es parte de nuestra nueva estrategia de diversificación y asignación de capital con la intención de maximizar el valor a largo plazo para nuestros accionistas. Esta inversión inicial refleja nuestra creencia de que Bitcoin es un depósito de valor a largo plazo y un activo de inversión atractivo con más potencial de apreciación a largo plazo que tener efectivo, que actualmente rinde un 0,06% „.

El ejecutivo, Evan Gappelberg, agregó que cree que Bitcoin ganará tracción frente al oro en los próximos años.

Este anuncio se produce apenas un día después de que Greenpro Capital Corporation, que cotiza en Nasdaq, anunciara un movimiento similar. Greenpro busca recaudar hasta $ 100 millones en 2021 para comprar BTC.

¿Solo tiene sentido?

Se ha argumentado que las empresas que compran Bitcoin hacen que sus respectivas acciones sean más atractivas de mantener.

La destacada compañía de investigación de acciones Citron Fund escribió en un informe de noviembre que las acciones MSTR de MicroStrategy son atractivas y son la forma principal de invertir en BTC a través del mercado de valores.

“Mientras los inversores se esfuerzan por buscar formas de capitalizar bitcoin en el mercado de valores, no busque más allá de MSTR. A estos precios en la actualidad, los inversores obtienen el mejor negocio de software de su clase con un descuento y una opción de compra gratuita al poseer un creciente cofre del tesoro de bitcoins „.

Bitcoin’s price reaches US$ 24 thousand and breaks new market record

Cryptomoeda rose more than 5% this Saturday after breaking the record price of $ 24,000.

Bitcoin (BTC) price broke the US$ 24 thousand mark for the first time in the market on Saturday afternoon (19), or yet, around US$ 122.900 according to CoinMarketCap data.

Since last Wednesday (16) BTC is breaking consecutive records in the market, just after surpassing the value of US$ 20 thousand. Until then, this was the historical price record of cryptomeda.

Bitcoin’s price breaks $ 120 thousand and should continue ’strong rise‘, according to CEO of Coinext

With a trading volume of almost US$ 38 billion in the last 24 hours, Bitcoin broke another new record, accumulating only today more than 5% increase in price.

Bitcoin’s price breaks a record

In less then 24 hours on the market, Bitcoin price jumped from US$ 22.656,46, or yet, US$ 115.607, to be quoted in US$ 24.085,86 (US$ 122.900), a variation on the price superior to US$ 7 thousand.

Did Bitcoin go through a ‚retail FOMO peak sign‘? This indicator says yes

With this growth, cryptomoeda has hit a record price and is about to be quoted at $ 125,000. However, besides a new record, this figure may represent for BTC a moment of sale, according to a Bitcoin Market Analyst forecast.

BTC Price this Saturday (19) (Reproduction/CoinMarketCap)
BTC breaks US$ 20 thousand

Three days ago the price of Bitcoin broke an important record that had been eagerly awaited by the cryptomorph market since the end of 2017. At that time, BTC was very close to US$ 20 thousand and never got so close to this value.

Analysts say that Mnuchin’s proposal will not affect the price of Bitcoin

However, on December 16th Bitcoin not only broke the $20,000 mark, but continued to climb to $23,000, breaking several consecutive records. With the appreciation of more than 5% this Saturday (19), the record now is $ 24,085.86, or almost $ 124 thousand in Brazil.

Cryptomoeda rose 245% in 2020

Bitcoin’s price performance shows that cryptomoeda was considered the investment with the best market return in 2020, as reported by Cointelegraph. With less than two weeks to go, BTC has already accumulated over 245% appreciation in the last twelve months.

That is, with almost 30% appreciation in the week, BTC has seen a 109% increase in value in the last three months, making cryptomoeda more than double its value between October and November 2020.

Escala de grises, PayPal y otros moviendo a Bitcoin

Escala de grises, PayPal y otros moviendo a Bitcoin de manos débiles a una profunda cámara frigorífica: Analista de

El experto en criptografía del PlanB cree que todos los que cobran su Bitcoin ahora se lo dan a instituciones financieras hambrientas que llevarán a BTC a un almacén frío durante años.

  • Las instituciones financieras están tomando el BTC de manos débiles
  • Escala de grises, PayPal, Square están cazando a Bitcoin

El experto en criptografía, analista y comerciante PlanB, y la influyente WhalePanda, han entrado en Twitter para expresar sus opiniones sobre las instituciones financieras que Bitcoin Future actualmente están a la caza de Bitcoin.

Todos los Satoshi que están siendo arrojados al mercado se dirigen a la profunda cámara frigorífica de los fondos de cobertura, y están tratando de acumular la mayor cantidad posible de Bitcoin mientras aún está por debajo de los 20.000 dólares, creen los influenciadores.

Las instituciones financieras están tomando a BTC de manos débiles

El experto anónimo conocido como PlanB en Twitter ha publicado un post diciendo que, en este momento, los comerciantes, los fans de los altcoin y las manos débiles están tirando su Bitcoin para arreglar los beneficios.

De esta manera están empujando su BTC a las fuertes manos de Grayscale, PayPal, MicroStrategy, Jack Dorsey’s Square y otras compañías que están ansiosas de apostar por la moneda insignia.

PlanB insiste en que el Bitcoin que están adquiriendo ahora irá a „un profundo almacén frigorífico y permanecerá allí durante años“.

Anteriormente, PlanB compartía un punto de vista similar, diciendo que el Bitcoin que está dejando los intercambios ahora y entrando en el almacén de los jugadores institucionales nunca más verá la luz del día.

Usuarios de PayPal relacionados muy hambrientos de Bitcoin, se muestran los datos

Escala de grises, PayPal, Square están cazando a Bitcoin

Según datos recientemente publicados, Grayscale Investments tiene alrededor de 12.600 millones de dólares en criptografía bajo gestión. El mes pasado, Grayscale adquirió el doble de BTC que los mineros producidos en noviembre.

El gigante del software empresarial MicroStrategy, dirigido por Michael Saylor, ya ha adquirido 475 millones de dólares de BTC.

Ahora planea recaudar otros 400 millones de dólares de las instituciones financieras mediante la emisión de valores y así prácticamente respaldarlos con el Bitcoin que planean comprar.

Como ha informado U.Today recientemente, los usuarios de PayPal están hambrientos de Bitcoin, y también lo está Square, la compañía liderada por el CEO y cofundador de Twitter Jack Dorsey. Según los datos de Pantera Capital, estos dos gigantes planean absorber grandes cantidades de Bitcoin.

Galaxy Digital’s Q3 earnings reflect institutional enthusiasm for cryptomonics

Galaxy Digital recorded a record third quarter trading volume of $1.4 billion.

The Galaxy Digital OTC trading desk recorded record volumes in the third quarter, indicating once again that institutional adoption of digital assets is on the rise.

The company’s third quarter earnings report showed a 75% year-on-year increase in trading volumes, reaching approximately $1.4 billion. The increase was attributed to an expanding counterparty base, the launch of an electronic trading platform and the continued growth of Galaxy Digital’s crypto-derivatives business.

Bitcoin futures and options indicate that a major move in the BTC price is coming
Assets under management totalled $407.4 million at The News Spy the end of the third quarter, including $82.4 million in Bitcoin liabilities (BTC) and index funds and $325 million in the Galaxy EOS VC Fund. The latter is a partnership with commercial bank Blockchain Block.one, the founder of EOS.

The Galaxy Bitcoin funds increased by 17.3% in the third quarter. Its large-cap Crypto Index Fund yielded 32.3%. Even so, the company was unable to make a profit; its net loss was $44.6 million for the three months ended September 30.

Have we reached the maximum that Bitcoin can climb this year? CNBC says that in five months Bitcoin will rise further
Galaxy Digital was founded in 2018 by billionaire Mike Novogratz in an effort to attract more institutional investors to digital assets. Novogratz said in today’s official press release that Galaxy Digital is preparing for „the incoming and clear wave of institutional adoption of digital assets and blockchain solutions by investors, corporations and governments.

While the 2017 bull market was largely driven by the retail FOMO, the fear of losing out, the euphoria surrounding Bitcoin in 2020 is largely related to institutional acceptance.

An imminent closing of a CME gap could push the price of Bitcoin to $18,000
There is evidence that institutional investors are flocking to Bitcoin in greater numbers in the fourth quarter. Bitcoin Trust in grayscale registered record entries in early November, setting it on track to reach 500,000 BTC by the end of 2020. That would be equivalent to approximately 2.7% of Bitcoin’s current supply.

Institutional investors such as Paul Tudor Jones and Stanley Druckenmiller also own Bitcoin. Both have promoted the growth potential of cryptomoney in the current macro environment.

The price of Bitcoin peaked at around $16,500 in the last 24 hours, according to TradingView data. It is still trading well above $16,000 at the time of writing.

Près de 80 % des recettes de l’application Cash de Square pour le troisième trimestre proviennent de Bitcoin

L’application Cash de Square a augmenté les revenus de Bitcoin de 1,100% au troisième trimestre après que les utilisateurs aient acheté pour plus de 1,6 milliard de dollars de Bitcoin

Cash App, l’application de paiement mobile compatible avec Bitcoin de la société américaine de services financiers Square, a indiqué que Bitcoin (BTC) a dépassé toutes les autres sources de revenus, représentant près de 80 % de l’ensemble de ses revenus au troisième trimestre.

Dans le rapport du troisième trimestre de Square, les revenus de 1,63 milliard de dollars tirés de Bitcoin par l’application Cash App ont marqué une augmentation massive de plus de 1,100 % par rapport à la même période en 2019.

Les revenus de Bitcoin ont été de loin la plus grande composante de la génération globale de revenus de Cash App de 2 milliards de dollars, avec tous les autres flux de revenus totalisant 453 millions de dollars, soit 22 % du total.

Cash App fonctionne comme un courtier pour l’achat de Bitcoin, l’achetant au nom de l’utilisateur, et y ajoutant une petite commission.

Le rapport note que l’augmentation des ventes de Bitcoin est due en partie à l’outil Auto-Invest de l’application, lancé en mai de cette année, qui permet aux utilisateurs d’acheter des actions ou des CTB de façon récurrente, quotidiennement ou hebdomadaire.

Les revenus de Bitcoin ont produit 32 millions de dollars de bénéfice brut pour le troisième trimestre, soit 15 fois plus que le bénéfice de l’année précédente, qui s’élevait à 2,1 millions de dollars pour la même période.

Le revenu total de Square pour le troisième trimestre s’est élevé à plus de 3 milliards de dollars, soit une augmentation de 140 % par rapport à 2019 – dont plus de 50 % pour Bitcoin. Le revenu total de Bitcoin pour toute l’année 2019 a été de 338 millions de dollars avec un bénéfice brut de 5 millions de dollars.

Quelques heures après la publication du rapport, le cours de l’action Square a augmenté de 6 % en dehors des heures de bourse pour s’établir à 184 dollars, ce qui fait oublier le précédent record de 190 dollars atteint au début du mois. Dans le même temps, Bitcoin a augmenté d’un montant similaire pour atteindre son plus haut niveau depuis deux ans, à 15 880 dollars.

Dans le rapport, Square a également indiqué que son investissement de 50 millions de dollars en Bitcoin (4 709 BTC) était un actif de trésorerie, qui vaut maintenant 74,8 millions de dollars. L’achat de la société était basé sur la conviction que „les cryptocurrences sont un instrument d’autonomisation économique et s’alignent sur l’objectif de la société“, ajoutant :

„Nous prévoyons de conserver cet investissement à long terme.“

Malgré l’important investissement de Square, la société se classe au septième rang en termes d’avoirs en Bitcoin des sociétés cotées en bourse.

The ECB invites you to share your expectations on the digital euro

The European Central Bank (ECB) launches a public consultation on the digital euro. Everyone is invited to participate, and to share their opinion on the form that this central bank digital currency should take.

Give your opinion on the digital euro

For some time now, the European Central Bank and the national central banks of the euro area have been jointly studying the possible creation of a digital euro.

In order to help it in this process, the institution has just launched a public consultation aimed at obtaining the opinions of individuals and professionals on this issue. The Bitcoin Evolution scam would like to know more about the public’s expectations, in particular with regard to the specific design of the digital euro, and its uses.

It is notably on Twitter that Christine Lagarde announced the launch of this consultation, so that “Europeans can really express their preference and tell us if they would be happy to use a digital euro as they use a euro coin or banknote. […] “

“We have started to explore the possibility of launching a digital euro. As Europeans increasingly turn to digital in the way they spend, save and invest, we should be prepared to issue a digital euro, if necessary. “

A fairly comprehensive questionnaire

To access the questionnaire, enter your email address on this web page . Then click on the link of the email you just received. After completing the security CAPTCHA, read the privacy statement and click on the „Next“ button. You are now in front of the questionnaire.

The questionnaire is divided into 2 parts, the first intended for the general public and the second intended more for professionals of the financial sector . Note that all comments collected will be published on the ECB ’s website at the end of the consultation period.

To begin with, the ECB invites us to rank in order of importance the functionalities that a digital euro should present. The remainder of the survey consists of many questions on the uses and functioning of the digital euro.

The public consultation then poses a very interesting question, which says a lot about the different possibilities envisaged by the ECB. This asks for the public’s opinion on the direction the digital euro should take :

“We can follow two different models to ensure the success of a digital euro: one that involves intermediaries to process payments and one without intermediaries,” the questionnaire states.

The ECB identifies two possibilities. The first is a digital euro designed for use in the form of cash payments . This option would be more respectful of the valuable life of use, and would make the digital euro functional even without an Internet connection.

The second digital euro model is undoubtedly the one favored by the ECB to date. This version would like intermediaries – in other words commercial banks – to record the transactions. According to the ECB, such a system would make it possible to offer advantages in services to individuals and businesses.

It is in particular on this point that the whole questionnaire is structured. It is very likely that the ECB plans to integrate commercial banks into the digital euro ecosystem, in order to develop its use among individuals.

However, this worries about the confidentiality of transactions, a feature that will disappear completely if the second model is adopted.